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Ray Tuohy

Ray has been involved in the self storage industry since 1985 when he joined Instorage Self Storage Company. During Ray's tenure with Instorage he was involved aspects of acquisition and/or development of over 20 self storage facilities in southern California. Ray's responsibilities were all the day to day aspects of the sites. Under Ray's direction Instorage became highly successful and in 1997 sold to Storage USA. Ray decided to start his own management company. Almost immediately, Ray and Dianne Tanna joined forces and TNT Management was born.

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Dianne Tanna

Dianne has been involved in the self storage industry since 1975. She began with Linkletter Properties in Newport Beach CA. As VP she became heavily involved in the development of over 20 storage properties in Southern CA. Dianne initiated, designed and implemented a fee management program for self storage. Under Dianne's direction her department grew to manage over 70 self storage facilities. In 1997 Dianne and Ray joined forces realizing that they together could offer the entire spectrum of specialized management services. TNT management was born.